Our History

Our History

This has been going on for the third generation now…

Before  world  war  two (1939-1946), my grandmother was working in the first and only workshop in Grete that late Mr. Nikolopoulos owned, after he left  Konstantinoupolis  (Istanbul  later).

Just after 1945 she continues working at home, sewing custom hand-made shirts, having clients many distinguished occupants of the municipality of Heraklion, such as Nikos Kazantzakis. Few years after she had also created for the Ecumenical Patriarch his holiness Mr. Bartholomew and many other personalities.

In late fifties, she owns  her first workshop, having  my  father  that was still a student, as an assistant.

I had my first experience in 1988 at the age of fourteen. At first I only observed the procedure of making  shirts and it took few  years until I started to participate in an active way.

The olders experience (grandmother-father) was very important for the apprehension of the procedure and my decision to continue with the family tradition. Having all that passion and love for the shirt, I was assisted and urged to evolution and perfection of the creation.

Trade  mark  and rule of the family business is the highest quality of fabrics we use in combination with detailed attendance.